Blogging Challenge Day 7: My Blog’s Name

Blogging Challenge Day 7! Over one third of the way through. Today’s topic is how my blog got its name. This one will be short and sweet, but look for more posts soon.

I batted around a number of ideas in my head, none of them good at all, until I put a call out on twitter. I believe it was a guildmate, Walks, who suggested going with a rogue ability. I got a few responses along those lines, but one that jumped out at me was from Kurn, over at Kurn’s Corner. Her suggestion was Tikari’s Tricks of the Trade. I liked it. Not only did it include a rogue ability, but it is a key ability (use on c/d!), and the alliteration is amazing. It also relates to one of the motivations for my blog: to share tips I’ve picked up while raiding as a rogue. So I ran with it, and here we are!