Of Staves and Daggers

Last night, our guild finally completed our first legendary Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest. While we should have finished it a reset earlier (be careful, kids – lava kills!), it was still a fitting wrap to a raid week that saw us one shot Shannox, Rhyolith, and Staghelm; two shot Alysrazor; three shot Beth’tilac; and get some solid progression attempts on Baleroc. Our Staghelm kill in particular was notable, as it was our first repeat kill, and if we hadn’t gotten it on that attempt, we probably would have downed it on normal to get to Ragnaros. On a personal note, I was pleased as I was able to avoid all damage on Staghelm, while ranking second in damage dealt (to our combat rogue). So to top that all off with a legendary, some guild RP, and pets for all – it was a moment I’ll remember for a while.

The completion of the legendary inevitably got me to thinking of the rogue legendary coming in 4.3. While most players likely don’t care much about the Fangs of the Father, as a raiding rogue, I’m quite excited. The proc, the wings(!), the guild experience – all of it has me on the edge of my seat for 4.3. The one issue, though, stopping me from fully savoring the wait is the uncertainty of obtaining the daggers.

Uncertainty? Yep. Our guild has successfully completed one staff. While we may have more raiding time in the Dragon Soul raid than we have in Firelands, it’s entirely possible we won’t complete more than one set of daggers. Yet we have two rogues on our raiding team, so one of us could very well miss out. Obviously, the chance that a particular rogue gets the daggers is higher than the chance of a random caster getting the staff, but in some ways that is worse, because it’s right *there*.

Complicating matters is the fact that I’m an officer in our guild, and there was some minor drama over the first recipient of the legendary staff being an officer, despite it coming down to a roll between that officer and a non-officer raider. I’m not looking forward to negative perceptions if “yet another officer wins a legendary.” But I also don’t want to back out or roll for it. This is likely my one chance to build a legendary as part of a raiding team, and I want to earn that right. To me, it would mean something to be selected for the legendary. It would be recognition of the work I put into the guild, raiding, and performing to the best of my ability. That recognition, coming from a group of people I consider my friends, would mean more than the ability to glide like Batman.

Your turn: are you a rogue in a raiding guild? Do you know who’s getting your legendary daggers? Casters – were you selected for the staff, or were you skipped over? What are your feelings about how that played out?

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I'm a rogue who likes to raid, guilded with Apotheosis on Eldre'Thalas. If you think I may have pumpkin headed you, it was actually @kurnmogh.

3 Responses to Of Staves and Daggers

  1. Jasyla says:

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but I have no problem with officers getting legendaries. In general, officers are some of the people who are most dedicated to the guild, they put more effort into the organizational part of raids and spend more time going guild-related things outside of raids. As long as these things are true, no one should have problems if legendaries happen to end up in the hands of an officer.

    I don’t envy the people who have to make the choices about awarding legendaries, but as long as the criteria are transparent to everyone, I think it’s a silly thing to have drama over.

    And I think you deserve them :)

  2. Oestrus says:

    I don’t think the issue is ever that an officer gets a legendary, it’s that an officer gets a Legendary who doesn’t deserve one. I’m not saying that this necessary applies to you and your situation, but it tends to be the most frequent complaint that I do see, when an officer is chosen to be the first recipient of such a thing.

    I remember when Val’anyr was the hot commodity and the healing lead of the guild I was in at the time was selected to get his mace first. Nobody batted an eyelash, because he had near perfect attendance, took amazing control of his healers and led them well, he tore up the healing meters, showed up prepared every night, etc. In short – he earned it. There was never any talk of whether he was an officer and whether or not the voting was fixed. He probably would have been just as strong of a candidate for Val’anyr had he not been an officer.

    Maybe it’s just because I have had a Legendary before and I’ve seen the trouble it can cause, but I think they’re a lot of hot air. It’s fabulous if you can get one, but you can be just as fabulous without one, too. There are some mighty nice consolation prizes out there, otherwise.


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