Blogging Challenge Day 5: My Favorite Items in WoW

Today’s 20 Days of Blogging Challenge topic is My Favorite Items in WoW. I have a large number of items I could talk about, but I’ll cover most of those when I get to what’s in my bags and bank later in the challenge. For now, I’ll discuss my top 3 (in reverse order):


3. Light of Elune. I picked this up while grinding out Loremaster. I’ve been known to carry it into particularly notable progression fights, hoping for that hero moment I can use it and save the day. Secretly, I hope I never get to, so I can keep it around.


2. Certificate of Thievery. The certificate contains the message, “The bearer of this certificate is entitled to the respect and regard that any first rate pilferer and thief deserves.” I don’t RP, but I like it from a “where my character has been” perspective. I’m glad I kept this around from my Vanilla days. Wish I had still my Thieves’ Tools.


1. Librarian’s Paper Cutter. “Favorite” may be a misnomer here, but this off-hand dagger and I go way back. Most folks who have been playing this game for a while have their story of bad luck drops. This is mine. For those of you unaware, this blue dagger was much better for Assassination rogues than items close to its item level because of its speed (1.3). The speed resulted in quicker deadly poison application, and that made up quickly for the lower DPS and stats it had. By no means was it the best OH dagger in Wrath, but it was by far the best BOE one, so I picked it up soon after hitting 80 on my rogue.

As I continued to gear up through PUG runs, frost badges, and the Auction House, I fairly quickly replaced all my blues with purples except this silly dagger. Meanwhile, I tried a number of things to try for an upgrade. I tried running ToC every week for the off-hand there. Unfortunately, most of my PUGs failed on beasts (seriously – DPS the snobolds, people), and the few that succeeded wiped on Jaraxxus. I ran ICC 5-mans enough times that I saw three other BoE epics drop in there, but never an Unsharpened Ice Razor. ICC OH daggers were too far in the instance for the PUGs I joined to get to (Putricide/Valithria Dreamwalker). Even when our guild group got to the point where I didn’t need to join PUGs and we could run ToC and ICC fairly successfully, I never saw a better OH drop.

At the same time, I got continual flak for having a blue dagger equipped. I’d usually get a few questions per PUG run about it, and I got kicked out of two groups before we pulled a mob because of “N00B BLUE WEP.” There were even questions about it on my application to my current guild. I eventually got the OH PvP weapon after they removed the rating restriction, and finally picked up a PvE OH dagger off Dreamwalker in my first run with Apotheosis. But I went through a lot with my trusty blue dagger, so it makes my list as my favorite item in WoW.


So those are my favorite items in-game. I have a lot more in my bags and bank, though, so check back on day 19 of the challenge!

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