Blogging Challenge Day 6: My Desk

Day 6 of the 20 Days of Blogging Challenge is here! Today’s topic: my desk. My desk grows more cluttered during a raid night, so thinking ahead, I took this picture before raid started:


My Desk

My Desk

Going from left to right, I have the following on my desk:

1. Notepad and pen. On a number of fights, I’m responsible for DPS assignments, and I use this to work those out.

2. Amp that my headphones plug into.

3. Volume control for my external speakers.

4. Guinness. This is a vital ingredient to the raiding experience.

5. Logitech G13 Keypad. I don’t use this really. I’ve fought with so many controllers over the years and keep finding fault with all of them. Part of it is muscle memory, I think; I play casually on my laptop, so I don’t get much non-raiding time on this controller.

6. Speakers. I rarely use these, since when I raid or PvP, I’m on Mumble, using my headphones. Occasionally, I’ll turn these on to hear things when I’m in a different room, but it’s a bit of a pain so that’s rare.

7. iPod stand, I think. I don’t use this either. I should declutter my desk.

8. Monitor. I really love my monitor. It’s clear and crisp, has good color, and is just the right size (27″).

9. Logitech G19 Keyboard. The best feature of the keyboard is the LCD screen, which tells me when I get whispers or when a queue pops. If only I could get it to display a ready check.

10. Mouse. I admit, I rarely use the side buttons, but the mouse itself tracks well. Since I’m left-handed, finding a good gaming mouse has been a long and fruitless search. I’ve trained myself to use a mouse with my right hand, but it still doesn’t feel natural to me, especially for character movement.

11. Mousepad. I’m quite particular about mouse pads. I hate hate hate cloth ones that build up grime. This one has a great texture.

As I was writing this up, I noticed I don’t have many personal items on my desk. A lot of those are just out of view because I want to keep the space as conducive to gaming as possible. Maybe in a future blog post, I’ll share some of those kitschier items.

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  1. Chloe says:

    Nice desk :-) I am jealous of the 27″monitor. Mine is only 20″ :-(

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