Farewell, 4.2

Sunday night, Apotheosis had what was likely our final Firelands raid instance as a group. I’m sure a few folks will go back in on alt runs or to finish up legendary staves, but our 25-man raiding group is done with the instance unless Blizzard pushes back a week. With that wrapping up, I’ve been thinking about 4.2, and everything that happened during our time in there.

From a kill perspective, we were fairly successful. There were certain bosses where our group weaknesses were magnified (HM Baleroc, I’m looking at you), but I think we kept a reasonable pace up through the patch, going 1/7 HM pre-nerf, and based on our progress on Rhyolith (to phase 2, with reasonable regularity), I think we would have been 2/7 the next week regardless. Post-nerf, we downed each new progression boss in one to two weeks, hitting 6/7 HM in early November. We took a look at Heroic Ragnaros, but based on horror stories out there and the time left before 4.3, we decided to push instead for Glory of the Firelands Raider. We had time to make two mount runs, securing Corrupted Fire Hawks for the majority of our raiding team. I think we could have gone through content a little more quickly, but I leave 4.2 feeling satisfied with what we completed.

From a personal perspective, this was a bit of a coming of age patch. Near the end of 4.1, I felt comfortable enough with the group to be more vocal during raid. That prepared me well for 4.2, and it was a good thing, because by the end, I was calling a number of things out for the raid. On Rhyolith, since our melee officer wasn’t able to attend our first progression attempt, our GM, Kurn, asked me to steer, calling the DPS targets. I was both excited and nervous. Excited because I like responsibility. I like to know the raid depends on me to do well, and I’m not being carried. Nervous, because of the flip side of that – my faults would be glaringly obvious, and my efforts would be subject to continuous critique. While we eventually worked out a good strategy for doing this, it was not a smooth road there. A number of wipes were directly my fault as I learned to compensate for the dynamic nature of the fight. I oversteered us, understeered us, didn’t make calls clearly enough… but I learned. One thing I tried to do from the beginning was listen. Our melee channel is usually vocal, but after a great number of attempts, I’d ask directly how the steering felt, how the calls were, and so on to get an idea of how I could improve my approach. The feedback there and on the forums was key to getting that kill.

Around the same time, Kurn approached me about the possibility of taking an officer position in the guild, and she asked what role I felt I could play if that did happen. Again, excitement and nervousness. I was absolutely excited about the thought. First, even being considered meant a great deal to me. Second, I liked the idea of having more of a voice in guild decisions (and getting to read the officer forums – I hate knowing there’s information I’m not privy to, even if it’s just pages of Kurn and Majik berating each other). The third reason ties in with my nervousness. I wanted to give back to the guild, but I had no clue how. I didn’t feel qualified to perform most of the typical jobs. Me write a performance review for non-rogue melee DPS? Oof. Two empty bag slots don’t make for a good lootmaster. So how could I help most? I pondered for a while, and then I remembered a Matticast episode where Kat explained her role as a morale officer in her guild. As I thought more, I realized that other guildies likely felt the same way I did – that sometimes their voice wasn’t heard. So I proposed the idea of a guild liaison, where I would be responsible for representing the opinions of the raiding non-officers in officer discussions. Kurn liked the idea, and after some discussions with the other officers, I was promoted.

Shortly after that, another of our officers privately announced his intentions to step down at the end of normal modes. It was disappointing to see him go (he’s a hell of a tank), and his absence left a noticeable void in the raid. But it was also an opportunity for me. Over the next few weeks, I started making more calls, and by the time we got to Heroic Baleroc where communication is even more important than usual, I was taking point on shard spawn calls and melee positioning. Looking back, I grew a lot as a player during this time.

One other major impact on my raiding experience this tier came from the social connections I made. Blizzcon happened during Firelands, and I met a bunch of wonderful people. It was great to meet other guildies and hang with them for the weekend. As a result, I started tweeting more often and blogging, and made friendships (or at least acquaintances) with many people around the globe.

Unfortunately, though, some of my better in-game relationships also came to an end. In addition to the tank officer I mentioned earlier, we lost a few other raiders whom I consider friends and good players. One of our officers, who has been tireless in helping the guild with thankless jobs, is stepping down as 4.2 comes to a close, and my 2’s arena partner has taken his main to greener raiding pastures. So it’s not all happy, but such is the nature of this game.

Overall, this tier was good to me, and I’ll look back on it fondly. I leave it feeling positive about things to come. For now, Darkmoon Faire, legendary daggers, and a faceoff against Deathwing loom. See you tomorrow, 4.3.


Your turn: What happened in-game or out-of-game that made a difference during 4.2? Did you enjoy your time in Firelands, or are you happy to be done with the place? I’d love to hear your take!

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I'm a rogue who likes to raid, guilded with Apotheosis on Eldre'Thalas. If you think I may have pumpkin headed you, it was actually @kurnmogh.

5 Responses to Farewell, 4.2

  1. Aidrana says:

    I think I’m done with the place, personally, after raiding Firelands from day one. Even though I haven’t killed Heroic Ragnaros, I’m happy to move on new content.

    Firelands taught me a lot about being part of a team as a healer. Like you, it also brought a sense of responsibility for me when I made the switch to my druid from my rogue. I was also thinking of my good friend, also an arena partner who quit WoW just after Cataclysm hit.

    I miss him too, and it was also one of those sad endings that came with the end of Wrath for me. I have also met a ton of great people throughout the patch and I am happy to report I raid with most of them. I will be raiding with the same people in Dragon Soul too =)

    I haven’t exactly been promoted to an officer but I’m considered the ‘unofficial ambassador’ for my raid group. I’m privy to officer level information and to lend my opinion on matters that need to be resolved when I’m asked. That’s definitely one of the differences now, when I never used to be in that position before and I feel like I can make a difference in my tightknit 10 man raid =)

    Great article!

    • Tikari says:

      Thanks! Sounds like we’ve had a number of experiences in common (eerily so, almost!). What made you switch from your rogue to a resto druid? Making a difference in your group can be quite rewarding; glad you’re finding the same feeling I have.

  2. Kaleri says:

    I could write a whole post about myself I think, but I’ll note the main points here:

    Out-of-game; this patch was particularly stressful – I had surgery, started a new school term, waited for some new meds (which I’m finally on) and in general was going through a rough time.
    BlizzCon and meeting up with Sara and Jasyla grounded me a little and I think I felt much better around October.

    In-game; I had terrible attitude, and looking back I’m not really sure why I felt the way I did. Partially due to outside factors and also due to in-game factors (Which I PM’d my guild liason officer with ;) ). Sara and Jasyla basically slapped me around and I think my attitude has improved a lot compared to what it was previously – at least, I hope it has in the eyes of other people haha.

    I found Firelands pushed my priest abilities to better than what they were. Beth’Tilac boosted my attitude since I was the one healer up top and I had to keep these 7-8 people alive. Baleroc was excellent too. I’ll miss those two fights, absolutely. I enjoyed Shannox HM when Chronis was the Riplimb tank – I think we make a great team there. The other fights I can live without.

    I’m glad to be done 4.2, but I’m not excited at the prospect of a year in 4.3.

  3. Elbareth says:

    First off, Great post man :)

    Overall, 4.2 has been a very stressful yet rewarding experience. I started off the tier excited in my new officer role and looking forward to progressing with a full raid group. What ended up happening was terrible disappointment as we not only struggled with the easiest of bosses (shannox) my role as an officer was stressing me out so much that I wanted to stop raiding. One night after countless wipes in which I started to threaten sitting people for the awful effort they were giving I was approached by a current member, one of the very skilled players stuck carrying the bads, and he mentioned that he had gotten an offer to join another guild (one that was more progressed than our group) and that he was seriously considering it. This set off a light in my head and I decided enough was enough.

    I brought the idea of quitting the 25 and starting our own 10 to a fellow skilled raider and together we brought the 10 most skilled in our guild together into one 10 man raid team. This as you could imagine caused quite a bit of drama within the guild, but my guildmaster handled it perfectly and it was soon settled. Our first night together as a team we went 6/7 normal passing many of the guilds who had passed us in just one night of raiding. We downed rag the next night (a total of 12 attempts) and moved onto heroic content. We had reached 2/7 before the nerf but again we got hit with the rl rng bug. Our ot and spriest decided to quit the game and left us short in the midst of content being nerfed. Through some very long nights and weeks we produced 3 new members to our raid team and stomped out 6/7H in a short time. Once again real life bit us in the ass and we have only been able to pull heroic rag a total of 30 times reaching p4 only once.
    Sadly I will not be on ET for 4.3. Towards the end of 4.2 my group was contacted by another guild on the server Whisperwind who were interested in taking us in and raiding 25 man content for 4.3. After doing some research and holding many meetings with the new guild we decided we wanted to test ourselves among the US’s best in raiding (Whisperwind is currently ranked 8th in the US, #1 for a pve realm) and we transferred to Whisperwind.
    I will miss all of my friends on ET dearly but I am lucky enough to have befriended Tikari and his guild has kindly offered to give my non transferred alts a home. I am excited to begin raiding 4.3 in a guild who is used to high ranked US kills and look forward to the challenge of remaining among the top in dps.

    /end rant


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