Blogging Challenge Day 9: My First Blog Post

Day 9 of the Blogging Challenge! Today’s topic is about my first blog post. It wasn’t that long ago that I started this blog, writing a Mists of Pandaria Rogue Talent Preview. I’d had a few brief attempts at starting a blog before and always ended up stuck on what to say in an “Intro” post. Eventually I realized my problem; introducing myself to readers I didn’t yet have felt weird. So I decided to jump into the deep end and start with something related to the point of my blog – rogue-relevant content. Since I had just been to Blizzcon, and I had strong opinions about the talent preview there for my class, I had a topic, and went with it.

Looking back at it now, I feel good about the entry. Some of my opinions have changed with the release of additional information. The desire for Vendetta to allow you to match melee DPS at range, and the goal to have one damage poison and one utility poison both change which talents I would take and how I would use them, but I plan on letting information solidify a bit more before updating. Especially because the talent calculator put out since contradicts this (Instant and Deadly Poisons still show as critical for Assassination rogues, for instance).

Making that post also changed my mindset in at least two ways. First, since I wrote that, I’ve felt a need to post every few days. That’s a great feeling, because I need that drive to keep the blog current and fresh. Second, I’ve started looking at things I do in-game and WoW news I hear in a different way. I see things through a writer’s perspective: “What could I write about here?” “What is interesting about this?” “Is there anything that gave me trouble that I could help others out with?” Asking those questions as I’ve experienced the game has given me some good posts and even more post ideas.

I’m glad I made that first post; I hope I don’t make my last for a very long time.

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