Race to Server First!

Three weeks ago, I acquired my legendary rogue daggers. Now that I’ve had some time to play around with them, I thought I’d blog, both about the acquisition of the daggers, as well as lessons I’ve learned from playing around with them in PvE and PvP.

So the questline itself was pretty amazing. I’m not much into lore (I can be fairly impatient, so reading quest text is tough), but I really enjoyed using abilities I rarely have use for in a PvE setting.

A little bit about each stage, from my perspective:

Pickpocketing Hagara: This went smoothly and happened earlier in the tier than I expected. Our 25-man guild (now recruiting!) was able to get to (and two shot) Hagara on our first night of raiding. Both our raiding rogues pickpocketed Hagara before the kill and were able to get our 24 hour timers running early. In later weeks, we opened up pickpocketing for alts and non-raiding members of the guild so most max-level rogues in our guild now have the stage 1 daggers.

Killing Creed: I found stealthing here a bit of a pain at first, but got the hang of it after a while (and after a lof of failed routes). For this quest, I grouped up with our other raiding rogue who had a bit of a head start on me. He had just gotten past the stealth part and was working on the boss when I showed up. Unfortunately, soon after I grouped up with him, he downed Creed. Since I was in his group, I got quest credit as well, meaning I never actually got to fight Creed. So that was a bit anticlimactic, but who knows – maybe I’d still be on that phase of the quest!

Killing Nalice: Stealthing seemed much easier here (as well as a good deal shorter). While I found stealthing to Creed annoying and frustrating, I found sneaking underneath Karazhan to find Nalice enjoyable. And the fight itself was amazing. It stretched my capabilities and key bindings as I used abilities I hadn’t in a long, long time. A list of abilities I used other than my usual rotation: Expose Armor, Blind, Shiv, Kidney Shot, Cheap Shot, Kick, Sprint, Recuperate. Quite a selection. I probably would have had a tougher time if my PvP experience hadn’t trained me to maintain control of an opponent.

So after all of that, plus just over a month of collecting elementium gem clusters, and I was on the cusp of getting my legendary. The other 25-man guild on our server close to us in raiding progress was just behind us, but some quick napkin math showed the exact gem number didn’t matter – server first would be determined by who killed Deathwing first during the next reset.

Since our Sunday raid was going to be cancelled anyway due to the Super Bowl, we decided we were going to make a push for server first. With that, the race was on.

We found out the other guild had decided to start an hour earlier than usual to match our start time, so it was clear they were making a push as well. When we got started, they had already downed Morchok. As a guild, we approach raiding seriously, but we like to have fun and our raid leader likes to spell out instructions in detail, so speed runs aren’t our strong suit. Nevertheless, we tried to hurry things along. After clearing of trash and handing out of assignments, we pulled Heroic Morchok and we were underway.

One thing to point out – we were sacrificing progression attempts, but we were going to try the heroic modes we’d already downed (Morchok and Hagara), so it was extra exciting when we one shot Morchok. It was about this time that the rival guild shut off their DBM whispers, so we couldn’t tell which boss they were on directly. Later in the raid, we started using the armory site to check in, but all we knew at this point is that we were behind.

Yor’sahj and Zon’ozz normal modes went down quick, even though we had issues with Zon’ozz and ping pong the week before. With these two kills, I had enough gem clusters to complete this stage of the quest, so with the pre-arranged help of guildmates (Thanks, Jaymz and Srsbusiness!), I was summoned to Ravenholdt Manor to turn in the gem clusters and pick up the last quest, which called for retrieving a fragment of Deathwing’s jaw, looted from Madness. So close!

I was summoned back and on to Heroic Hagara we went. For those of you who haven’t done Heroic Hagara on 25 man, there’s a lightning phase, which for our strat requires most of our raid to create a cross formation, with players just inside 10 yards from each other so they can almost instantly chain lightning from one pillar to three others. Because of this formation, there is a good deal of pre-pull setup required, and it can be time consuming. With the pressure of the race, and knowing the other guild wasn’t going to be doing Hagara on Heroic and therefore could skip this organizational step, it felt like it went on forever. When we finally did pull, though, it went smoothly, and we soon had another heroic mode boss fight, and arguably, our least likely one shot, behind us.

About this time in the night (90 minutes in), we’d normally break, but we knew we had to push on to have any chance of getting server first. Ultraxion went down without issue, as did Blackhorn, and it was around that time that we started to use the armory site to determine how far the other raid had gotten. Based on their loot, we could tell they had just downed Blackhorn minutes before we did, so it was close. We dropped a feast, ate up, and started in on Spine.

Spine went smoothly as well, and when we checked the armory while buffing on the platforms of Madness, we still did not see another Spine kill for our competition. Through some discussion after raid, we found out the other team had disconnect issues on the fight, leading to a wipe, and allowing us to take the lead. We continued on, taking Madness down in a one shot. I looted the jaw fragment, and now all I had to do was turn it in and pick up my daggers first, and we’d win the race and server bragging rights.

For those of you who have seen The Amazing Race, you have probably witnessed a team caught up by the frantic nature of the game and suddenly turn blind, unable to see their objective, despite it being smack dab in front of their face. Usually at this point, the cameraman will pan from their faces frozen with “Where is it??” looks to the item in question to underscore how oblivious they are. Yeah, that was me. I was summoned back out to Ravenholdt, ran into the manor and found… the building in flames with no quest giver inside. Confused, I thought maybe I was out of phase with the rest of my raid group and couldn’t see the NPC, so I flew to the bottom of the hill, dropped group, and came back. No luck. I then hearthed to see if that would solve it. Again, I was summoned back to the same burning manor. Finally, after taking a few seconds to survey the area, I saw the NPC outside but near the manor and I was able to complete the quest, retrieving my legendary daggers. I guess getting outside of a burning house is smart, even if you’re an NPC.

The guild headed to Stormwind to announce to trade chat took some screenshots in front of the Stormwind Cathedral. You can see me in the middle of the pack, falling with my batwings. About twenty minutes later, our competition got their legendaries, and it was a big celebration for us all.

Fangs of the Father

Fangs of the Father

All in all, it was a great night for me, and I hope for the guild as well. I wish there had been a guild benefit for completing the legendary (other than me doing more DPS), like there was for Tarecgosa’s Rest, because obviously there was no way I would have gotten it without all of them contributing, sacrificing playing time and some time on progression for me. So my sincere thanks to Apotheosis for all of their assistance.

I plan on posting some tips and tricks on legendary use soon, including power auras, but I have a few other posts to get out there first. Look for more updates to the blog soon!

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I'm a rogue who likes to raid, guilded with Apotheosis on Eldre'Thalas. If you think I may have pumpkin headed you, it was actually @kurnmogh.

2 Responses to Race to Server First!

  1. Channi -Alliance: Feathermoon says:

    Congratulatuons! I can just imagine the adrenaline rush you must have had that night racing for server first! I’ll never know that feeling myself, but I’ll just be happy to complete the quest line!

    As for killing Creed, you don’t even have to be in a group to get credit. It’s one of the newer styled open world bosses. Anyone in the area when he goes down, gets credit.

    I’m still in the Shadowy Gems gathering stage, but I’m over the 200 gem mark, but I’m only running my Rogue through the first half of the Raid. I have to run my tank on the second half. Once we down Deathwing, I should get to run my rogue more often, and start making some real progress on the chain! If I can beat MoP, I’ll be a happy camper!

    Again, Congratulations on the Daggers and Server First! Well Done!

  2. Stormy says:

    Grats on the legendaries! It sounds like Blizzard did quite a job putting together an epic rogue quest.

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