Wrapping Cataclysm Up

We’ve reached that point in the expansion where the end of progression raiding is in sight, there are no more content patches to come, and we’re simply waiting for Mists (if you’re not one of those folks hanging up their transmogged hat). It’s a bit of a quiet period, and for me, it’s a time to set goals.

At the end of Wrath, I set a few goals for myself. Some of those were group goals. For example, I wanted the Lich King kill that eluded me. Others were individual goals – I wanted to hit 40 exalted reputations. In the last few weeks of the expansion, I was able to complete both of those goals, with some help from Apotheosis, the guild I had just joined.

Since my guild is now over halfway done with heroic tier 13, I thought I’d sit down and make a list of goals to hit by the end of this expansion. So I did. Here’s what I came up with, separated into goals to complete as a group, and goals I’ll work on individually.


Group Goals

Reputation achievements:

Hydraxian Waterlords (currently 5935/21000 (Revered))
Brood of Nozdormu (currently 9250/21000 (Revered))
Scale of the Sands (currently 11369/12000 (Honored))

Hydraxian Waterlords could be picked up solo, but Jasyla from the amazing blog Cannot Be Tamed and I have been running that most resets, so I include it here.

PvP achievements:

There are a number of achievements I need in the PvP section, but I only have four specific ones in my goals list:

300 arena wins. I’m sitting just over 200 right now; this shouldn’t be too difficult to hit. After all, my 2’s partner is pretty pro.

75 rated battleground victories. I’m currently at 53 wins. This will be tougher, as we only run RBG’s once a week right now, and we have a fairly large team.

1550 in a 3’s team. I haven’t started running with my 3’s team yet (waiting until April when my schedule will free up some), but we should do some damage in this bracket.

Wrecking Ball. I put this down as a group goal because I think the most likely way to get this is by going in somewhere like Alterac Valley with a pocket healer and picking off strays. I think this will be easier this tier while I have the legendary daggers, I’d like to get it before Mists.

Complete my tier set collection:
I need a random smattering of pieces, mostly from Vanilla and BC instances.

Dungeon achievements:
I need two achievements from ToC5, 1 from Zul’Gurub, the Zul’Aman bear run, two from End Time, and two from Well of Eternity. These should be easy to knock out with a guild group.

Cata raid achievements:
T11 meta. At this point, I only need four heroic boss kills (Ascendant Council, Omnitron Defense System, Nefarian, and Al’Akir).

Sinestra. I don’t want to leave this expac without killing her.

Heroic Ragnaros. See Sinestra.

T13 meta. We’re starting to work on these achievements in our guild runs. Pretty straightforward, I think.

Older raid achievements:

Offhand Warglaive: I picked up the mainhand Warglaive last June, and I’d love to complete the set.

Ulduar 10/25 achievements. I have four achievements to get on 25 and 15 to get on 10. I’d love to put together a few runs and clean those up.

ToC25. I just realized as I was putting this list together that I never completed this. I somehow missed Faction Champions and the Val’kyr Twins. Weird.

ToC 10/25 achievements. I also have three achievements to get in ToC on 25 (Upper Back Pain, Salt and Pepper, Traitor King) and one on 10 man (Traitor King). That scarab achievement has proven to be a pain when I’ve tried it before.

Lich King 10 achievement. All I have left in here is Neck-Deep in Vile on 10 man. I’d like to get that checked off my list.

Heroic Ruby Sanctum 25. I have this kill on 10, 25, and heroic 10 man. Just need that last kill to get it. I’ve been close before, but it was at the end of a night where we got a ton of other achieves, so we called it.

If I complete the above, it will mean I’ve gotten every achieve in Dungeons and Raids, except for “I Can’t Hear you Over the Sound of How Awesome I Am.” I’d be okay with that (but expect to see that on the list for the end of Mists, though!).


Individual Goals

Complete the Quests section of Achievements. I had Loremaster pre-Cata, so I haven’t gone back and gotten all the zone achievements. There are 45 achievements I have left to do in this block, and there’s no reason I can’t complete those.

Fishing achievements. I’d like to wrap up the fishing achievements (14 to go). I’m somewhat dreading the fishing contest.

Cooking dailies. I have Stormwind. I’d like to get Ironforge and Darnassus as well.

Vial of the Sands. Since my main is an alchemist, I’d like to get the recipe and then craft one.

Arena Grandmaster. I foresee a lot of 3 AM runs to Gurubashi in my future.

Argent Tournament. I’d like to finish this, including the collectible mounts and tabard. I’m only exalted champion of two races so far, so I’ve got a long way to go.

Tol Barad collectibles. I have the flying mount, but I’d like to get the pet, the spectral steed, the footman’s tags, and the tabard. Only 289 commendations to go. *cough*

Insane in the Membrane. I have two reputations left for this. First, Darkmoon Faire – this should be easy with the new dailies and turn-ins; I’m currently at 2092/21000 (Revered). Second, Ravenholdt. Luckily, Tikari’s a rogue, so I avoid some of the pain others have had, but I’m still dreading this because I have so little bag space. I’m at 4129/6000 (Friendly). I am kicking myself for not getting Ravenholdt to revered before running the legendary dagger questline, since that would have shortened the grind considerably. Oh well!

Wintersaber Trainers reputation/mount. I haven’t even started this.

Max-level toons with all professions covered. Currently, I have 2 level 85 toons. They have alchemy, jewelcrafting, enchanting, and inscription between them. I have four alts covering the other professions, and I’d like to get them all to 85, so I can be ready for Mists. The alts I’ll be using for this:

Level 48 bear druid: mining, herbing
Level 29 prot warrior: blacksmithing, engineering
Level 28 fire mage: tailoring, enchanting
Level 14 combat rogue: leatherworking, skinning


So I have some work to do. I don’t think I’ll end up with all of the achievements, and as Mists grows closer, I’ll probably have to prioritize, but this is my list for now. What’s on your list to get before the end of this expansion?

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  1. sil says:

    I really should put some goals down for my chars. I do switch servers and alts too much to actually achieve anything :/

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