Wrapping Cataclysm Up (Update)

Two months! Ack!

A few months ago I put together a list of goals I want to meet before Mists of Pandaria is released. I’ve made some solid progress towards a number of those, and with the Mists release date being announced, I thought an update was in order. I also thought I should add a few goals just to push myself, so I’ll list those new ones as well.

On with the update!

Group Goals

Reputation achievements: (Complete!)

Hydraxian Waterlords: I completed this achievement a few weeks ago – what a grind! I also picked up one of the bindings for Thunderfury, while my lady friend druid hit exalted and picked up the legendary drop for Sulfuras.

Brood of Nozdormu: completed. I found it satisfying to two man Twin Emperors (hint: avoid DOTs!), and I’m pretty sure we could have gotten C’Thun if we really needed to. I helped my rep
here by picking up a number of idols on the AH.

Scale of the Sands: completed. I was surprised this instance was fairly easily two mannable.

PvP achievements: (Complete!)

300 arena wins: completed. I’m now at 349 wins.

75 rated battleground victories: completed. I’m now at 104 wins, looking up at the 150 achievement. I also hit Knight-Captain (1800 rating) and sit at 1832 rating, which is the highest our team has ever been. We’ve been on quite a roll.

1550 in a 3’s team: completed. I picked this up soon after running 3’s. I also entered the Arena Pass as a member of two 3’s teams, and I believe both qualified for the Vanquisher title.

Wrecking Ball: completed. A few weekends ago, our guild put a five man group together to chain run Warsong Gulch on its holiday weekend. Along the way, I picked up a few achievements including this one. Shadowstep to the graveyard is pretty handy.

Complete my tier set collection: (Incomplete)

I’ve picked up a few pieces from Hyjal and Ulduar, but I have a few things here and there left to get. This is one I probably won’t finish before the Mists release.

Dungeon achievements: (Complete!)

ToC5: completed. Jousting still requires at least two, three if you don’t want to go crazy.
ZA bear run: completed a few times to get a group of us our mount.
WoE: completed.
End Time and ZG: completed a few weeks ago in a guild group.

Cata raid achievements: (Complete!)
T11 meta: completed in a 10 man guild group. That is still a difficult fight (at least on 10 man – haven’t tried it on 25), where group composition is critical, even with high DPS output. The group I worked with on this spent three or four long nights on it.

Sinestra: we defeated this after two nights of work, and also had to defeat the dreaded latency boss along the way. Orbs + lag = bad. Higher DPS output makes this fight a good deal easier than Heroic Nefarian, in my opinion.

Heroic Ragnaros: we tried this a few times in  guild group, but I finally got this achievement by replying to a tweet from @Cybnext looking for an extra DPS for their guild run. Thanks to the CFT guild for having me along!

T13 meta: our guild completed this a few weeks ago, making two passes at it to get it for all the raiders and most of the initiates.

Older raid achievements: (Incomplete)

Offhand Warglaive: So I’ve run Black Temple only once since I wrote the original post. Luckily, a glaive dropped! Unluckily, it was the mainhand again. Luckily, a DK guildie was able to get that. Unluckily, I still need to do this more in the future.

Ulduar 10/25 achievements: completed 25 man. Completed 12 achievements on 10 and have three left (Brundir, If Looks Could Kill, and Rubble and Roll). 10 man will likely require two passes through because of the Kologarn achievements.

ToC25 (including Heroic): completed. I was thinking I wouldn’t get this done before Mists, but ended up running this twice, once for the heroic modes, once for the achieves.

ToC 10/25 achievements: completed 25. Still need Traitor King on 10.

Lich King 10 achievement: completed.

Heroic Ruby Sanctum 25: haven’t attempted this recently.

I’m now at 561/567 achievements completed in Dungeons & Raids, so I’m five away from my goal (I still don’t plan on getting the Sinestra first attempt, no death achievement before Mists).


Individual Goals

Complete the Quests section of Achievements: I’ve completed 20 of these, taking the number needed down from 45 to 25. I’ve gotten most of the quick ones out of the way, which leaves a bunch of zone achievements, and the daily quest achieve (which I likely won’t finish before Mists). (Incomplete)

Fishing achievements: completed 12, so I’m at three RNG achievements left (Old Crafty, Old Ironjaw, and I Smell a Giant Rat). I won the Booty Bay fishing tournament recently(on my first attempt!); that was a big relief. I’ve spent a lot of time in Orgrimmar lately, working on Old Crafty with no success. Fishing is something I like to do while waiting in PvP queues. (Incomplete)

Cooking dailies: completed.

Vial of the Sands: no luck with the recipe drop, although I haven’t spent much time on it. I’m likely waiting until Mists for this. (Incomplete)

Arena Grandmaster: I have 6 trinkets. (Incomplete)

Argent Tournament:  completed the achievements, and I have the tabard, but I still need to go back and grind dailies for a number of the more expensive mounts. (Incomplete)

Tol Barad collectibles: I haven’t done anything here. Still at 289 commendations to go. (Incomplete)

Insane in the Membrane: I’m now at exalted with Darkmoon Faire and 2092 into Honored with Ravenholdt. My lack of bag space (I am a virtual hoarder) is an impediment to lengthy lockbox runs. I just hit level 60 on my second rogue, however, so I think I will grind out boxes on that character. My argent tournament bridle (and therefore mailbox) will help considerably here. (Incomplete)

Wintersaber Trainers reputation/mount: I still haven’t started this. I plan on starting this weekend. (Incomplete)

Max-level toons with all professions covered: (Incomplete)

Level 80 feral (bear) druid: mining, herbing
Level 35 protection warrior: blacksmithing, engineering
Level 37 fire mage: tailoring, enchanting
Level 64 combat rogue: leatherworking, skinning
Level 80 marksmanship hunter: leatherworking, skinning
Level 80 discipline priest: alchemy, enchanting
Level 64 affliction warlock: tailoring, alchemy

This is what I’ve spent a lot of my time on recently. I’ve taken advantage of a second account to do level grinding via refer-a-friend, allowing me to fly through low levels. When I hit 80 on my rogue/lock combo (this weekend?), that will allow me to take my warrior to 80 via granted levels. This will give me 80’s with coverage of all professions. At that point, I’ll just need to level to 85, and power level their professions.

New Goals

So since I’m making good progress on the goals above, I’ve decided to add a few others.

I’d like to finish off Frostbitten before Mists. I’m only missing King Krush, but I’m starting to doubt he actually exists. I finished up Bloody Rare a few weeks ago.

I’m very interested in finishing For the Alliance. All I need is Garrosh, but the organization on my server hasn’t been the best. Last weekend, we took a multi-guild group to Orgrimmar for the guild achievement, City Attacker.

Finally, I’d like to get a few select PvP achievements. My short list:

  • Within Our Grasp
  • Wintergrasp Ranger
  • Didn’t Stand a Chance (1/20)

I plan on getting the last two achievements by having a friend with a Horde toon help out, since there isn’t much opportunity to get this fairly with as dead as Wintergrasp is these days.

Strand of the Ancients:

  • Dapper Sapper (60/100)
  • Artillery Veteran (75/100)
  • Drop It! (52/100)

Isle of Conquest:

  • A-bomb-inable
  • Mowed Down (4/10 vehicles; 100/100 players)
  • Cut the Blue Wire… No the Red Wire! (6/25)

Battle of Gilneas:

  • Battle of Gilneas All-Star
  • Out of the Fog

Where are you at in your goals? Are you running out of time or running out of achievements?

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