Karazhan Chess Event: A Soloing Guide

Many thanks to Jasyla for helping me test the strategy below.

Recently, with the introduction of changes from Blizzard that have made older raids more friendly to solo adventurers, as well as the addition of pet drops from twelve of the bosses in those raids, a number of hardy souls are venturing into old content. The dungeons folks are heading into aren’t limited to just those that drop pets, however. I’ve seen a number of tweets mentioning attempts to solo Karazhan over the past few weeks. One of the common themes in those tweets is that the chess event is still difficult to solo, even if the rest of the instance is a cakewalk. A few people have noted they stop there, not continuing on to Prince Malchezaar. Since I’ve had some success soloing the event, I decided to put this guide together to help out.

Before I go on, I’ll mention that this event has a healthy dose of RNG. You can execute the strategy I’ll lay out flawlessly, and still run into issues. However, I’ve found that when I use this strategy, I win more often than I lose. And when you lose, you’re just kicked out of the piece you’re in and the pieces respawn a few seconds later, so there’s no corpse run involved. Also, as you’re learning to execute the strategy I’ll put out there, you may not be going as quickly as you can, so you may fail more often. Don’t give up! It’s actually pretty simple, and you’ll be able to reliably solo it in no time.

With that in mind, let’s review the basics of the encounter.

The Basics

Just like in a real game of chess, you and your NPC opponent, Medivh, each have 16 pieces. Your task is to be the first one to kill the other player’s king. To complete this task, you’ve been given the ability to control one piece at a time. Each piece can change the direction they’re facing (1 key), move one square (2 key), or cast one of two other abilities (3/4 keys). Their moves (one square at a time, in any direction, including diagonally) do not mirror the moves of their corresponding “real life” chess piece, so if you play a lot of chess, don’t let your assumptions get in the way. If you’re not controlling a piece, they will stay where they’re at and use their abilities in typical AI fashion (sometimes intelligently, other times… not so much).

When you’re controlling a piece, if you don’t see a vehicle exit bar, you can right-click off the “Control Piece” buff. When you leave a piece, you will get a debuff which won’t allow you to control another piece for ten seconds. Finally, every so often Medivh will cheat, since he’s a jerk. There are three different ways he can cheat: he can heal pieces, he can buff one of his pieces, or he can drop fire under pieces. For our purposes, while the heal can suck, we only really concern ourselves with fire.

I’ve run this recently to make sure soloing is still feasible, so this strategy is up-to-date as of this post (5.1). I lost my first attempt but then succeeded on my second pass. Onward to the strategy!

The Strategy

Before you begin, set your focus to the King. A focus target has no other real purpose in this encounter, so you may as well use it to keep an eye on your King’s health. To start the event, take control of the king. Immediately cast Heroism/Bloodlust (4 key) and exit (vehicle exit or right-click off the “Control piece” buff). Move to the pawn in front of the knight furthest from the orb and move it forward one space (Diagram 1).

Move 1

Diagram 1

Exit the pawn and run back to the rook (Conjured Water Elemental/Summoned Daemon) closest to that pawn. When your debuff falls off, enter the rook and move it to the spot that pawn just vacated (Diagram 2). This brings your Elemental/Daemon closer to the middle – its AI attacks will be of assistance as you proceed.

Move 2

Diagram 2

Depending on how quickly you’ve carried out your moves, you probably have time for two more before Medivh cheats. In my experience recently, Medivh has almost always cast fire, and it’s always landed on my King. My recommendation here is to move the pawn in front of the knight close to you up one square (Diagram 3).

Move 3

Diagram 3

Then move the pawn in front of your king up one square (Diagram 4). It’s important to have space for your King and Queen (Human Conjurer/Orc Warlock) to move when they’re set on fire. If the cheat is consistently cast before you’re able to move that pawn in front of your king, you can do that earlier in the sequence instead.

Move 4

Diagram 4

From here on out, your movements aren’t planned out, but are based on a priority.

Priority #1: Move your King out of fire. If you’re in the King, before you leave, cast Heroism/Bloodlust if it’s not on cooldown.

Priority #2: Move your Queen out of fire. If you’re in the Queen and you’re going to leave for a higher priority task, before you leave, target the opponent’s King and cast Rain of Fire/Poison Cloud if it’s not on cooldown.

Priority #3: Move your rook into the space created by the earlier pawn move.

Priority #4: Move the pawn in front of your Queen out one space to create more room to handle your top two priorities.

Priority #5: Get in the strongest available piece and attack the opponent’s King. This will either be your Queen, or if your Queen is dead (insert Smiths lyrics here), use the Rook closest to the enemy King. You may need to move the piece you’re in into range.

When you’re using the Queen to do damage, make sure you’ve targeted the enemy King.

That may look like a lot to remember, but it really isn’t. Get your King and Queen out of fire, develop your Rook and Queen’s pawn, and then nuke. Aim for the position in Diagram 5, although your King and Queen may be in different positions than in the diagram because of Medivh’s fire.

Move 5

Diagram 5

Remember, it doesn’t matter how many pieces you have left at the end as long as your King outlives his. That’s the big advantage you have going for you – the computer will attempt to attack many of your pieces. All you need to kill is one of his.

If you decide you don’t want to try soloing it, the above strategy is easy to adapt for two people. Each of you take a side of the board and carry out the knight pawn then rook moves. Then the two of you move the king and queen pawns up one and get in the king and queen – at that point, you should be set!

I hope this article helps you tackle the only really tricky part left in Karazhan. Good luck in there, and let me know how it works for you!

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21 Responses to Karazhan Chess Event: A Soloing Guide

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  6. Aranyszin says:

    GREAT guide, Tikari. Wanted to offer one minor correction – while it is true that the pieces do not strictly conform to their real-life counterparts, there are some similarities. For example, the “knight” pieces can move in the traditional “L” fashion (forward / back up to two spaces, then sideways one). However, it is not restricted to such a move; it can also move forward 1 and over 1, etc. It can also leap over other pieces in its way, so it can technically be the first piece you move, just like in real chess. I have no idea if this changes your strategy, and offer it solely for informational purposes.

    Thanks again for the guide!

  7. buffyrulz89 says:

    Tikari, thank you for this strategy. I did not follow specifically to the T but did move the pieces as recommended, without casts. I found that the cast and reset time to the pieces was prolonged, going back to talk to each did not mean I could control them, think it took 3 times each time to get a control ability. First time was slow, lost with 60% health to the other king. The second I moved without casts then took full control of the king, moving back and forth out of the fire, very specific moves based upon this strategy, and won 2nd time around with 50% health. I did move 2nd knight instead of 2nd rook and produced the effect I needed, blocking the back row and keeping spaces open for my king to move. These recommended moves make this a great strategy all on itself.

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  10. Sizzlor says:

    I’m still having no luck. No matter what I do, all my pieces are absolutely mowed down. The range on my warlock (queen) isn’t enough to reach the king without spending a lot of time either moving forward or waiting for the king to come closer. The queen never lives long enough to get the king even halfway, and by that time apparently all my other pieces are ready to fall over. Every single time I watch my king getting slammed to pieces from 2-3 sides. I absolutely HATE this mini-game.

  11. John de Rouville says:

    Tnxs for the guide, although I used yuor strategy as a guide I finally managed to beat it.

  12. Jordan says:

    Nice guide. just attempted this for the first time in 5.4 (I missed most of BC). After trying your method I died the first time, Medivh cheated and buffed the opposing king while he was in my king’s face. On the second attempt i demolished Medivh. Thanks much!

  13. Dtrace says:

    Rooks don’t move diagonally…….so yea

  14. varinth says:

    I followed the set up here, then used the “Knights” to lock the enemy king between 2 of the forwad peons, i put the queen where the rook was after he died n thrn set the “bishops” to either side facing the queen. Kept it alive the rest of the match. Gg.

  15. Bob says:

    This guide is bogus. It worked for me the first time, but has failed a dozen times since. The randomness of the AI can’t be predicted and I have wiped time and time again with this strategy. I appreciate the effort, but this guide is garbage.

  16. Hooman says:

    perfect, i one shot the game :)

  17. Zovesta says:

    After 16 tries of my own strategy, I tried this one, and won the first time! I spent most of the time as the King killing the orc mage guys. Thank you so much! I could nearly cry tears of joy. :’)

  18. Shea6040 says:

    Wanted to say this helped me so much! I’ve failed time & time again trying to solo the event – thank you for the clear instructions. Helped so much!

  19. Emily says:

    I’ve taken your strat and made a few tweeks and found something that has worked so far every time. First moves are to move out the knights in an L shape pointing toward the middle. I don’t touch any pawns. Then i move the rooks inward. Their AOE will now touch almost everything that gets close to the king. Then i take control of one of the bishops and start healing other pieces up. If bishops die, rooks take their place on the board and i control the queen and zerg opposing king until he’s dead. If he gets close, which he has every time so far, the AOE from the rooks, the king’s cleave and the queens spells take him down fast. my king is almost always above 60% health when Medivh’s king dies.

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